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Are you free this weekend? 这个周末你有空吗?

Could I see you again? 我们还可以再见面吗?

Could you give me your phone number? 能给我你的电话号码吗?

Where shall we meet? 我们在哪儿见面?

Shall I come to pick you up? 要我开车去接你吗?

Are you doing anything this afternoon? 你今天下午有安排吗?

How about having dinner with me? 和我一起吃晚饭,好吗?

Why don’t we go to see a baseball game? 我们干嘛不去看棒球比赛呢?

Sorry, I’m tied up. 真对不起,我另有安排。

I’m afraid I can’t. 实在对不起,恐怕不行。

Thanks for asking, but... 谢谢您的邀请,可是……

How about a rain check? 另找时间可以吗?

I hope you can come. 我希望你能来。



When is it convenient for you? 你什么时候方便?

About what time? 什么时候?

Whenever. 什么时候都行。

When you have time. 等你有时间的时候吧。

I’m free today. 我今天有空。

I’ll be busy tomorrow. 明天我会很忙。

How about the tenth? 10号怎么样?

When are you free? 你什么时候有空?

That’s a bad day for me. 那天我不行。

That day is fine. 那天我可以。

When can I come over? 我什么时候去合适?

You decide when. 你定时间吧。

You decide where. 你定地点吧。

Is seven convenient for you? 7点行吗?

When can you come over? 你几点能来?

Is it too early? 太早了吗?

Is it too late? 太晚了吗?

It’s a date. 就那个时间吧。

See you then. 回头见。



Are you ready? 准备好了吗?

Ready. 准备好了。

I’m not ready. 还没准备好呢。

What time shall we leave? 我们什么时候出发。

What time do we arrive? 我们几点能到?

Let’s get going. 那我们走吧。



Would you like to go to a movie? 你想去看电影吗?

What’s on tonight? 今天晚上放什么电影?

What movie do you want to see? 你想看什么电影?

I want to see... 我想看《××

Where is... playing? 哪儿演《××?

How long is... playing? ××》演到什么时候?

Who is in this movie? 这部电影是谁演的?

How long does it last? 演多长时间?

What time is the next showing? 下一场几点开演?

What time will it be over? 几点演完?

Two, please. 我买两张成人票。

I can’t see because of the person in front of me. 前边的人挡着,我看不见。

We are way in the back, aren’t we? 我们怎么坐得这么靠后呀?

Let’s sit closer up front. 我们坐到前面的座位上吧。

That was interesting, wasn’t it? 真太有意思了,是不是?

That was boring, wasn’t it? 这电影真没劲。

I was moved. 太让人感动了。



I’d like two tickets for October 3rd, please. 我买两张103号的票。

Sorry, we’re sold out. 对不起,卖完了。

When do you have tickets?" 有什么时候的票? "

What time does it start? 几点开始?

Can I make a reservation? 可以预订吗?

Where can I buy a ticket? 在哪儿买票?

Is this seat taken? 这位子有人吗?

We have great seats, don’t we? 我们这个位子真棒。

Encore! 再来一个!

Go for it, ...! ××加油!



I’d like to play golf. 我想打高尔夫球。

Would you like to golf tomorrow? 明天打高尔夫球,好吗?

Do you want to join me? 愿意和我一起打高尔夫球吗?

Are there any golf courses around here? 这附近有高尔夫球场地吗?

How much is it per person? 1个人多少钱?

How much is it per day? 1天多少钱?

Are there any extra charges? 此外还有其它的花费吗?

Can I rent the equipment? 我可以租用用具吗?

Please make a reservation for golf. 请帮我预约高尔夫球。 请别人预约时

I’d like to make golf reservations. 我想预约高尔夫球。 由自己提出请求时

When would you like to play? 要什么时间的?

This Friday, if possible. 如果可以的话,请订这个星期五的。

There are four of us. 我们一共4个人。

What time are we starting? 我们几点开始?



How about a drink? 去喝一杯怎么样?

I need a drink. 我想去喝一杯。

Would you like to have a drink after work? 下班以后去喝一杯怎么样?

Do you have any beer? 有啤酒吗?

Two bottles of beer, please. 请来两瓶啤酒。

One whiskey with water, please. 请来杯掺水的威士忌。

What kind of snacks should we have? 要什么下酒菜呢?

Let’s forget about work and have some fun. 让我们忘了工作,痛快一会儿吧。

Cheers! 干杯!

What are you drinking? 喝什么呢?

I like to go barhopping. 我喜欢换酒馆喝。

The first sip is the best! 第一口最舒坦了。

Nothing beats this! 这个最好!

Would you like a refill? 再来一杯,怎么样?

Another beer, please. 再来一瓶啤酒!

This whiskey is strong. 这种威士忌挺冲。

How do you like sake? 日本酒怎么样?

It’s strong. 酒劲大。

I’m drunk. 我喝醉了。

I feel a little tipsy. 我觉得有点儿醉了。

I’m loaded. 酩酊大醉。

Drink moderately. 喝酒要适可而止。

I get drunk easily. 我的酒量小。

I drank too much. 我喝得太多了。

I should have drunk less. 我不该喝这么多的。

I have a hangover. 头天的酒还没醒。



Let’s go to karaoke! 我们去唱卡拉OK吧。

What is karaoke? 什么是卡拉OK?

Singing along with recorded music. 就是合着录音带的音乐一起唱歌。

Are you good at singing? 你唱歌拿手吗?

I’d like to request a song. 我想点首歌。

You sing first. 你先唱。

Let’s enjoy ourselves. 大家高兴地玩吧!

How about a song, John? 约翰,你来唱一首吧。

What are you going to sing? 你打算唱什么歌?

Let’s sing a duet. 来个二重唱吧。

Now it’s my turn. 现在轮到我了。

I don’t have the nerve to sing in front of people. 我不敢在大家面前唱歌。

I can’t keep up with the new songs. 我跟不上新歌的速度 我不会唱新歌。

I’m tone-deaf. 我五音不全。

What’s your karaoke specialty? 你唱卡拉OK有什么拿手的歌吗?

I’ve never heard of that song. 我从来没听说过那首歌。

You’re a good singer! 你唱得真好!



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